Scherzo No. 1 – Frederic Chopin


  1. Laurie Hiner Barnes

    Beautiful…so did you memorize the music… I read and play by ear. You’re so talented!!!

    • Gabriel J Arsante

      uhm it’s taken a while for me to play this properly (not perfect yet)… a few months/years maybe of practice haha so yeah I’ve memorized it…. or more like… it engraved it into my brain

  2. Teresa O'neil

    I love you robin!
    Bryan O’Neil check this one out, you’ll love this one!

  3. Ernie Tea

    Fantastic. I can’t believe how fast your fingers move in parts of that. Impressive. This old “whiskey rock and Roller” applauds you my friend.

  4. Marianne Gardner Putnam

    To know that you are able to do this magic without the music in front of you is truly breathtaking. I love that you share your amazing gift with us.

  5. Dawn Gominsky

    You Are so gifted I’m in awww with goosie bumps


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This is by some considered one of Chopin’s most difficult works… I know this isn’t perfect… and probably not ‘everybody’s kind of music’ …. but oh well…. Hope there is someone out there that likes this as much as I do…

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