Happy New Year

My way of wishing you a Happy New Year and thanking you for making me laugh... kicking my but when needed... and all your live and support in 2016 <3

I have only one wish for 2017... to be given a chance to see 2018...


  1. Lynne Hansen

    Thank you for sharing your musical talent and your trials and tribulations .. and for inspiring others!!

  2. Karen Schneider

    We will see 2018! But let us enjoy 2017 to the fullest, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. Gail Ninkovich Anoe

    Hey! Your wearing a watch! That’s unusual for you! No worries, we’ll be going into 2018 together my friend- with huge fireworks!!!
    Love you all xxx

  4. Alison Jones

    Lovely. Enjoyed listening to it. Best wishes x x

  5. Susan Habib

    Gabriel, You & Sunna have a safe fun New Years eve and a Better New Year… Happy New Year <3

  6. Susan Habib

    So beautiful, Happy New Year <3

  7. Sharon Hochman

    Thank you,Gabriel, for the beautiful music,and fabulous friendship. You are very special to me.

  8. Suzanne Tate

    Thank you, Gabriel, for ringing in the New Year with your beautiful playing. You will be here for 2018 and beyond, because you have so many who are loving you. All good blessings to you.

  9. Julie Kenyon

    Happy new year Gabriel J Arsante and Sunna Petterson may all your dreams come true in 2017 x

  10. Lorrie Kundrat

    Thank you so much Gabriel J Arsante from your lips to God’s ears!

  11. Patti Stirnaman

    Thank you for the beautiful New Year’s song.

  12. Lynne Spryszak

    Gabriel – your music and bravery under the shit we’ve had this year made a BIG difference to me. Can’t thank you enough. Kick cancer’s ass this year!

  13. Cindy Speck

    Such beautiful music from a beautiful person. Wishing you the best in 2017!

  14. Ruth Fry

    WOnderful Alan has just been playing his keyboard it is great having musical talent such as yours XXHappy new year xx


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