Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No.3

Gabriel J Arsante

  • Release 1984
  • Genre Classical


  1. Mark

    Mr. Arsante,

    Thank you for sharing this recording of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #3. I first stumbled on it more than 10 years ago, when the internet seemed much younger. I had never really paid much attention to the work Rachmaninoff before that, but for some reason, your rendition of this piece stuck with me. I have come back to it time and again, and it has become like an old friend. Whenever I encounter a new recording or performance, I compare it to your version. Yours is the one I have memorized. It’s so clean, so even. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

    I’ve been wanting to know for many years: what orchestra did you record this with?

    Thank you.

    • Gabriel

      Mark Sorry for not getting back to you until now…. I haven’t officially opened my website at Behind the Moon .com yet but I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer so I’ve been putting most web related work on hold for a while…

      Thank you for your kind words… it means a lot to hear something like that… I believe I had this on the web in 2002-2004 maybe… but this is from a collection of recordings that originally belonged to my aunt… sent to her either by my mother or by my father… and according the the information on the tape it was recorded in 1984…. I however suspect it was later… but for me…. those years and many more have been colored by traumatic events, chaos, physical and mental illness…

      Going through the information I have… mostly personal journals… I know there was a recording of this made in 1984… and another in 88/89… I really don‘t have any information on the 1984 recording other than at the time I was 20 years old… and not actively recording or performing… however shortly after that I was…. quite excessively… both recording and performing through out Europe… in German, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France and more… Most likely this is Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra which is now The German Symphony Orchestra


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